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Hello, Earth.

We salute you, PLANET.

Who would willingly and voluntarily do without the conveniences of our modern society? Nevertheless, a worldwide rethinking is taking place. Ruthless exploitation and a selfish way of life are neither contemporary nor future-oriented.

It is impossible to imagine our global and networked world without mobility. Restricting or preventing it is not a solution. Nevertheless, each individual has the opportunity to create an environmentally friendly balance. Viva con verde is one of these possibilities.

Viva con Verde

What we do.

The best way to ensure clean air and thus sustainable CO2 compensation is to plant trees. VIVA CON VERDE operates the planting of new trees as a climate protection project. For this purpose, a partnership has been established with a coffee plantation in Mexico, on which tree varieties specially suited to the tropics and suptropics are grown. More than 1.5 million new trees in over 20 years are an impressive testimony to these efforts to protect the climate.

Trees – the most effective contribution to climate protection.

Trees have the potential to compensate about 2/3 of all CO2 emissions. This requires further and comprehensive reforestation measures. However, an effect cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, it is all the more important not to lose any more time, but to push ahead now and continuously with the planting of new trees.

Experts estimate the effectiveness of afforestation in tropical and subtropical areas to be about three times higher than in temperate climates. This leads to a faster and greater absorption of CO2. One of the most important aspects of sustainable CO2 storage is the use of the wood after the tree has been felled. We make sure that our trees are used as timber so that the CO2 is stored. Rotting or use as fuel would release the stored CO2 again.