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I have always been a child of many worlds. No real roots, nowhere at home, always full of restlessness, family spread halfway across the globe.

But at one place time didn’t matter, the clocks seemed to stand still, the stars shone brighter and nature was even more silent on our finca in the Sierra Madre Oriental. When my father turned on the light in the house, I could observe a part of the animal world in its variety and full splendor at the windows. 15 years later this spectacle no longer existed at the windows.

This made my father realize that monoculture cannot be the right way to a future that is desirable and that we want to leave to our children. So my father planted trees and started an agroforestry culture back in 2005. However, with the increase in sustainability and ecology, the income situation of the finca had also deteriorated, which still commands my utmost respect for this groundbreaking decision.

In continuing this philosophy, I wanted to link car sales with a climate protection project. Excellent climatic conditions allow many tree species in the subtropics to grow faster, so that more CO2 reservoirs are available in less time and we can compensate for part of the CO2 emissions. I would like to continue on this path consistently, so that one day I will be able to watch the spectacle of nature on my window panes again.

Jens Josephi

Transparent Viva con Verde

Our lives should be diverse. Colourful, inspiring, varied, with friends and partners. That, I believe, is how I’ve lived, until now. And I want it to stay that way, until my end – yes, I do!

Born and grown up in the wonderful natural environment of Mecklenburg, grown up and professionally shaped in a partly breathtaking speed of the industrial location Bavaria – multifaceted contrasts are well known to me. Founding a family with child and cone – cheer, sadness, cheerfulness, love & tears – all there and finally good.

Our world is currently in a state of great upheaval, things are changing so radically and rapidly that we are in danger of losing touch. The longing for a little more peace and quiet and idyllic retreats is pressing. To do something in the raging storm of global developments that makes sense, that survives the upheavals, is sustainable, provides support, is simply right, produces a good feeling – yes, I want that!

Our project VIVA CON VERDE spans a cross-border arc, connects things on a global level, lets good things grow fast. Not only to calm one’s own conscience, but also to have a real influence on things that have a direct effect on our well-being and health. Not having to do without valued amenities and yet leaving a sustainable footprint – for a planet worth living on and for future generations. Let’s do it – all together. Yes, I do!

Patrick Kube