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Transparency creates TRUST.

Environmental protection projects require a high degree of transparency. People want to know how their contribution is being used in practice. This transparency is our top priority. We keep all interested parties up to date with current figures and pictures of the new plantings. In addition, all afforestation measures are independently checked and certified.

Only transparency and openness can create trust, which ultimately benefits the project in the long term. For this reason, open communication about the people and motivations behind this project is important to us. We have been thinking for a long time about how we can build a bridge between two seemingly contradictory companies. What both companies have in common is that they have a high affinity for the topic of CO2. The car trade is very familiar with the problem of CO2 emissions. Many projects and initiatives have been launched to reduce them. And we, too, have been thinking for some time about what our contribution to this issue could be.

A further economic commitment is the operation of the coffee plantation TLAN MAKAN. Here we attach great importance to sustainability and ecological compatibility. For more than 20 years, various reforestation projects have been implemented on the finca, thus creating a lot of CO2 reservoirs. We would like to push these programmes further and faster and what could be more obvious than bringing together CO2 producers and CO2 storage facilities. This is the idea and motivation behind VIVA CON VERDE. And, of course, we hope that our initiative and our approach will win further partners from all areas who would like to continue on this path together with us.

Our lives should be diverse. Colourful, inspiring, varied, with friends and partners. That, I believe, is how I’ve lived, until now. And I want it to stay that way, until my end – yes, I do!

Born and grown up in the wonderful natural environment of Mecklenburg, grown up and professionally shaped in a partly breathtaking speed of the industrial location Bavaria – multifaceted contrasts are well known to me. Founding a family with child and cone – cheer, sadness, cheerfulness, love & tears – all there and finally good.

Patrick Kube

Transparenz Jens Josephi

I have always been a child of many worlds. No real roots, nowhere at home, always full of restlessness, family spread halfway across the globe.

But at one place time didn’t matter, the clocks seemed to stand still, the stars shone brighter and nature was even more silent on our finca in the Sierra Madre Oriental. When my father turned on the light in the house, I could observe a part of the animal world in its variety and full splendor at the windows. 15 years later this spectacle no longer existed at the windows.

Jens Josephi