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We want to leave a clean FOOTPRINT.

It cannot be avoided that every human being leaves a CO2 footprint, climate-conscious action leads to the avoidance and reduction of emissions, but cannot completely prevent them. The climate does not care where the greenhouse gases are emitted, which in turn opens up the possibility of compensating for emissions elsewhere than where they are caused.

In contrast to most organisations that are involved in voluntary CO2 compensation, VIVA CON VERDE is not involved in countless faceless environmental projects, but has entered into a targeted and exclusive partnership with the coffee plantation TLAN MAKAN in Mexico. This partnership includes the planting of new trees to achieve a fast, sustainable and efficient CO2 compensation. This reforestation project is easy and transparent for all participants to understand. VIVA CON VERDE documents and reports in words and pictures about all measures. The aim is to plant 500,000 new trees in the next few years.

Why a coffee plantation in Mexico?


The rapid growth and the thus prompt complete added value of CO2 compensation, make these tree varieties and the reforestation area so unique. In contrast to reforestation in Europe, valuable effects for the climate can be achieved in a fraction of the time. Since climate protection is a global matter and knows no borders, the positive environmental effects also benefit all regions equally.

The coffee plantation TLAN MAKAN has more than 20 years of experience in reforestation, which is impressively demonstrated by the successful planting of over 1.5 million trees. In the process, tree varieties from all over the world have been collected, which develop outstandingly well, especially in tropical and suptropical climates.